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5/30/2011 7:45:59 PM

Now, I don't want you to give anything proprietary away so if this question falls within this category, please, just say you can't answer.

So, here goes.. Back in the '70s when I was a child, I remember my Grandparents having some of your magazines on hand for us as children, and for their own enjoyment. Thing is, when I get these Variety Packs you offer so graciously, more often than not, the Dell puzzle books remind me of those books of yore rather than Penny Press. Now, I have to tell you that I'm in Indiana, and it seems to me that this area seems more dominated by PP rather than Dell now, although I haven't checked any bookstores, only my regular haunts like Walgreen's, CVS, and my Marsh supermarket. So I guess my questionis if you have a marketing strategy for each of these style books, and do you focus on some areas of the country with Dell, and another with PP? I happen to enjoy both, and from memory, it seem's Dell was available when I was a child here, so is it a cyclical thing, or something else I'm not aware of that may change in an area, be it demographics, cost savings, etc?

I'm just curious to know. I understand that this doesn't fall into the category of a thing you may normally answer here, but in seeing how open and quickly you respond to folks here, it seems you'd be open to such a question.

If it's not something you'd like to or can answer, feel free to say so, or delete this entirely. I just have one of those curious minds spawned by your puzzles throughout my life!

Thanks, and Happy Memorial Day to you and your families, and those that read here as well. God love and keep our Servicemen and women, and those that love them.
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6/2/2011 10:17:36 AM

Dell Editorial Staff
Dell Editorial Staff
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The Dark Horse One,
Thank you so much for your comments here on the forum. We’re happy to hear that you’ve had such a long and satisfying history with Dell Magazines and Penny Press, and are grateful you chose to share your story. As far as your question about distribution, stores and newsstands that carry Penny Press also carry Dell titles, but the specific titles vary from store to store. Thanks again for your kind words, and happy puzzling!

Home » General Discussion » A question for the editors