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8/7/2015 10:29:23 PM

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Hello all,

My grandmother always buys Dell Variety Puzzle books in order to do the Picture Mazes. She literally buys the whole book in order to do those two puzzles. I benefit from her love of these puzzles because she gives me all of the books so I can do the rest of the puzzles. smile

For Christmas this year (2015, yes I know, I'm starting early) I was hoping to get her a book of the puzzles she loves but I've done some investigating and it looks like there's not just a book of the mazes available due to creation reasons. BUT since my grandma buys them more often than I can complete the puzzles, I literally have dozens of books with completely blank puzzles in them.

So I was thinking, if there is anyone out there who does NOT complete their picture mazes but loves a different puzzle, perhaps we could swap? Then I could get a compilation of puzzles for her for Christmas anyway. smile I can't guarantee that it would be a puzzle you haven't done before, because honestly, I don't know which puzzles you've done. Big Grin But I would be perfectly happy mailing the puzzles to you first and hope all you honest people mail the picture mazes back. Please contact me via email if you are interested. ****]

I hope this is an appropriate post for the forum. I figured since we are swapping puzzles that have already been bought, that should be okay? Please let me know if not.

Thank you!
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8/8/2015 1:58:37 PM

Purple Pisces
Purple Pisces
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Hi Shannon!! I think that's such a thoughtful thing you're doing for your Grandma! I don't have any Dell Variety magazines, but I'm sure someone on here will be happy to do a swap with you. I've done it before with logic-based puzzles.

I don't know if you have a printer, but there is a Picture Maze puzzle available to print out in the 30-day puzzle archive. To find it, just click on the "Puzzler's Corner" (blue banner near top of screen). Select "Free Puzzles" in the drop-down menu. On the next screen, scroll all the way down and you'll see (in blue) where it says 30-day puzzle archive. The Picture Maze puzzle was given on July 28. Select that day, and then choose Dell Variety Puzzle. I'm not sure how often these puzzles are featured. You can check the "Free Puzzles of the Day II" thread under "General Discussions" every so often to see if/when another Picture Maze puzzle is given. Good Luck!! smile
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