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2/21/2009 2:05:16 PM

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I am helping my son with extra credit. It is a cryptoqiuzz. It came from October 2006. The topics are as follows:
Totally Relaxed and the example is: stress-free. The crypto is as follows.... V O U Q, D P O V P X T U. Can anyone help me figure these out so I can help him finish these?
The other one is BASEBALL SPECTATORS, example: groan.... O U S T J S J B E U I B
I am so stuck and I really could use your help!
Thank you

2/22/2009 2:45:07 PM

Purple Pisces
Purple Pisces
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For Totally Relaxed:


I have to admit that I looked in my crossword puzzle dictionary for help. I'm still stumped on the Baseball puzzle!

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