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11/4/2016 11:45:22 PM

Anna Booth
Anna Booth
Posts: 88
I used to be pretty active here, but my chronic pain and depression have gotten worse and I am more or less bed-ridden now. My focus is terrible so I can't even handle variety puzzle books, login puzzles or most crosswords. The only puzzles I can really do since they are low stress and low frustration for me are fill-ins and word searches. I can handle variations of these even if they are tricky (like no starting word, or a tanglewords, etc.). Since I only work 3 months a year from home in an easy hob in my bedroom, we are fairly tight on money. I've spent so much (or had given to me) on variety puzzle books, login puzzles, the Giant Crossword books, the specialty books, etc. I have boxes upon boxes I can't do and a Barnes & Noble bag full of 12 brand new retail-prices off the shelf that I can't use.

I might have a couple of fill-in or word search puzzles left, but I'm running low. Without these, I just lay in bed and watch TV and think about my pain. Sometimes I'll play on social media on my phone for hours out of boredom, unless my chronic migraine is too bad and the screen is too bright for me to look at.

I don't want to be a mooch or anything, I know we all spend our heard earned money (but I also know there are people here who are so sweet)...but would any of you by any chance have any word search or fill in books available that are unused?

Thanks so much, screw my life, I hate being sick and hopefully one day they can fix it.

1/18/2017 8:29:02 PM

Andrew McMason
Andrew McMason
Posts: 3
I hope you are doing fine these days! Please let me know if you still need any fill-in books. I might have a couple laying around

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