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7/4/2017 10:12:32 PM

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I recently ordered a pack of 8 Penny Press Crypto-Families. They must have run short as 2 were Dell's version Cryptoquizzes. I'll do my best with these Dell magazines, but some of the titles leave me a bit worried.

2008 Oscar Also-Rans
Colors and Their French Translations
Athletes Who've Hosted "Saturday Night Live"
3-Letter Words After "Over"
Noted Trumpeters
14-Letter "C" Words
Words That Make a New Word with "S" in Front
All About Sigmund Freud
Lawgivers Pictured in the Supreme Court
Adjectives for Penguins
Index Fingers Can . . .
Foods Popular in Israel
Last-Minute Present Ideas
Famous Princeton Grads
Abigail Adams Was A(N) . . .
9-Letter Voice Adjectives

I do like a challenge, but it looks like I may be getting a first-word "help" here and there.


Home » Collector's Series Corner » Cryptoquizzes