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11/9/2017 1:00:38 PM

Ramsay MacInnes
Ramsay MacInnes
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Hello, first time (poster)/long time (solver). Originally had problems with my PP/Dell registration.
Anyway, among other puzzles, I live for Figure Logics. The ladies do an XLNT job. But I'd like to see?:
1) These puzzles are mainly 9x9 size. I'd like to see something like 11-square, or 12-square, more frequently. (Really enjoy the full page jobs, like to see more of those).
2) More 4-digit answers.
3) Patterns with fewer or no isolated squares (that is, each answer square belongs to both an Across and a Down answer.
4) More imaginative clues, such as "this palindrome consists of digits adding to 12-Down", or, "Only two digits are represented in this multiple of three/prime number/square number", or...
5) Maybe some Far-out theme ideas, such as problems based in other radixes, such as Duodecimal (utilizing two "extra" digits), or like the old Base-11 "Wheat Field Farmer" puzzle...?
Realizing these are feasible but probably not all at the same time, I bid Ms. Lowenthal, Ms. Thistle, and other constructors the best, and to continue the good work.

Ramsay Mac Innes Rmac1117


Home » Math and Logic Problem Exchange » Larger Figure Logics