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11/28/2017 11:02:07 AM

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No wonder they saved this one for last in the August 2012 edition of Original Logic Problems. You'll need all the experience you can get. GOOD LUCK!!!!


When he heard that Pentland County would be reenacting its first pony express ride in over 100 years, Sherman Palomino jumped at the chance to participate and follow in his great-great-grandfather's footsteps. The trip took place over the course of three days, with each day's journey divided amoung three riders. Following the trails used by real pony express riders over a century ago, each of the nine riders participating in the reenactment began his or her trip in a different town and covered a different number of miles before handing off his or her message to the next carrier in a differrent town. From the information provided, determine the order in which each rider carried his or her message, his or her point of origin and destination, and the number of miles each covered.

1. The total distance covered is exactly 300 miles. No single rider traveled more than 60 miles or fewer than 15 miles. The number of miles traveled by each person is a multiple of 3, and no one rode exactly 39 miles. The length of either the first or last leg of the trip is equal to the sum of the distances traveled by the fifth rider and either the first or the last rider.

2. Kensington and the town that is exactly 21 miles from Lakeview (which isn't Danville) were visited immediately before and after Lakeview, in some order. Morris covered exactly 45 miles.

3. The person who traveled from Rainier to Gravesend, who rode the shortest distance, was neither the first nor the last rider that day. There were at least five towns between Bethel and Newton, in some order. Seagate and Rainier were not consecutive stops.

4. Union Falls and Seagate are exactly 111 miles apart, and Seagate and Kensington are exactly 96 miles apart; both of these distances were full-day runs, and one of them included the longest distance traveled by a single rider. Neither Elias nor Nadia traveled on either of these two days.

5. Three consecutive riders, either from the first to last or from last to first, are Sherman, Claire, and Oscar (who didn't make the shortest trip).

6. Vivian and Herbert visited the same town, which isn't Bethel. Elias's trip is either the one that began in Woodbury or the one that ended in Woodbury. Joan was the first rider on one of the three days. The longest trip either began or ended in Danville.

7. Vivian traveled exactley 3 fewer miles than Sherman (who rode at least 10 fewer miles than another person) but exactly twice as many miles as another rider (who isn't Herbert).

8. Elias didn't ride immediately after the person whose point of origin was Bethel. Two consecutive riders traveled a total of exactly 75 miles between them.


Home » Logic Problem Exchange » TRAIL MIX - The Hardest Logic Problem Ever!