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5/28/2011 10:18:01 PM


This actually should be my first post here, but it's my second, so I got it the wrong way 'round, it seems. Must be my affinity for Doctor Who? Heheh.

So, in my second, first introduction post, I'd like to give a little background, if I may...

Back when I was a child, we'd go to my Grandparent's house for various visits, be it a holiday, or just some visit from thin air. At times, those visits would become a little tedious for a kid with an active mind, but... BUT! My Grandparents were geniuses and they always had these books with puzzles in them. I never remember them being shoved at me (possibly to absent a child from a conversation, or from being a kid with idle time?), but I DO remember them being offered, heheh. So, I'd lay on various floors, like the title says, and kick around my feet as I tried to do mazes and figure out words and while away the time, sans toys and my usual surroundings. How very little did I know back then, and how long that simple distraction would effect me... If only I could stave off the stinky poodle with a huge tongue and a penchant for affection long enough to solve anything!

Currently a man of some 45 years of age, I'd say full circle! My current job as a tobacconist is retail. For those familiar with retail, you know there is plenty of idle time in a small establishment. I did a lot of reading, frankly, and that is good and proper mental exercise and entertainment, but re-reading all my novel haunts and endless TV repeats left me flat and out of ideas to keep that still active mind occupied. Cue the drug store, or pharmacy, and a small magazine rack, and an old distraction becoming a full on addiction, heheh. Between then and now, there are untold newspapers in the junkyard, or recycling bin that have kept that small ember of puzzling alight with hastily drawn in answers in my horrid penmanship.

So (cue the music and fanfare), here I am on this site to chitty chat about a thing I hold dear. I notice it isn't the most frequented forum on the 'net, but some of you seem rather dedicated. Perhaps we, together, can change that a bit? Who knows... I've got plenty to talk about, and my fingers are just getting warmed up.

Thanks for reading and your interest.

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Home » General Discussion » 1970-ish, legs up and flailing, pondering puzzles.