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5/29/2011 4:32:56 PM

Originally, I wasn't too much of a logic problem fan. Don't get me wrong... I tried them quite often when they were in my usual variety haunts, but they would flummox me to the point where I'd lose interest. Then, I started getting them. Finishing them, I mean, and there came quite a bit of satisfaction along with it, heheh. Finally, I was conquering these quizzical puzzles! So what do I do?? Dive in with both feet, er, hands, er, a pen and my brain...

I got one of those value packs that features 28 logic books and thusfar, they've been extremely rewarding in entertainment. I love the cute picture versions in England's Best, which I hear has changed names, and Original by PP has that stark, graphed goodness I enjoy, not to mention the whodunit section... Brain in a twist! Not sure about all the Sudoku in the Dell book, or the Logic and Math yet. I've had my fill of sudoku on many levels other than loco sudoku which is a nice change of pace challenge. Logic and Math, I've vowed to try each one of the different types of puzzle in one to see if I can tackle them. I'm not horrible at math, it's just not something I look upon as entertainment, but perhaps if I give them a good try, I'll change my mind. I'm open to that any day.

6/24/2011 9:57:42 PM

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Many "math" puzzles really require more logic than mathematical skill. The math in puzzles like Kakuro, Sum-Doku, and Figure Logic is very elementary, it's the logical elements that make them difficult. Good luck!

Home » Logic Problem Exchange » I just want to add something here