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8/3/2011 8:37:19 AM

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I don't see Cryptic Crosswords all that often and maybe I am overthinking them, but they are so hard. I needed some help on a few of these clues just to give me an idea of how to go about solving them.

1.) GI tense: CNN broadcast judge's ruling (10)
2.) Jar aboard one angling rigger (9)
3.) Carol keeps recreational area for courting (8)
4.) Crossing behind, ran central blockade (9)
5.) Tight apes reinvented pasta (9)

Those are just a few. If someone could help me solve those I could understand more how to get these puzzles.


8/3/2011 12:08:31 PM

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Hi icauser44,
I was able to get two of the answers:

3.) Beside carol being a noun, it can also be a verb (to sing). A recreational area is a park. So "sing" keeps (that is, holds or contains) "park." Thus s-park-ing, for courting.

5.) If the letters in "tight apes" are rearranged ("reinvented") they spell a pasta---spaghetti.

There are a few solving tips on this site. Point to Puzzler's Corner above, choose Solving Resources and click on How to Solve Cryptic Crosswords. Hope this helps a bit. Cryptic crosswords are hard for me too, so I can't give you too much more assistance. I think it's just a matter of becoming familiar with the codes, indicators, and patterns of the clues in these puzzles to get better at solving them.


Home » Crossword Talk » Having difficulty with Cryptic Crosswords. Help!