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8/23/2011 11:09:07 AM

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I think I am overthinking this changaword that I am stumped on. To refresh one's memory, for those who dont remember how to do these:

"Can you change the top word into the bottom word in the number of steps listed in the parentheses."

SLIP (5)


Now, I am anal about making sure I use proper words and not slang as required and I keep coming up with same words that are slang (i.e., Goop, possibly Goon).
Anyone able to solve this one? Thanks,


8/23/2011 2:27:42 PM

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Hi William,
Well, I had a go at the Changaword. If I didn't go with goon, then the next options for gown are down, mown, town or sown. The first 3 didn't go anywhere, and sown does look the most promising. Next: sewn, sawn, soon or sows. But I could not get from slip to any of those in 3 steps. Goon was it. So are we left with (and I asume this is your answer, too) slip, slop, glop, goop, goon, gown? One of my dictionaries does give glop, goop and one definition of goon as "informal" rather than slang. But the others have them slang all the way. So, I guess I can't solve it any other way. I don't like it too much either. Maybe we're missing something. Check the answer page.

Home » Crossword Talk » Need help with Changaword Puzzle please!