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9/16/2011 8:38:37 PM

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The question or puzzle is from the Original Logic Problems British Edition of Spring 2009 on page 9 number 4 puzzle: "ON WATCH"

A castle with an octagonal curtain wall with a tower at each corner was about to be attacked in a medieval skirmish, and seven able-bodied villagers from the surrounding cottages, plus one soldier who was available from the castle garrison, were pressed into service as lookouts on each of the eight towers shown on the plan. From the clues given, can you name and describe the sentinel on each tower?

NB: Tower 1 is opposite tower 5, 2 is opposite 6, 3 is opposite 7 and 4 is opposite 8.

1. The men stationed on towers 5 and 7 shared a first name initial, as did the gardener and the shepherd, who were on diametrically opposite towers to each other, the latter not being on a tower adjacent to Joseph's.
2. John, who was a carpenter in the village, had Hereward as his neighbor on the next tower counterclockwise.
3. The name of the villager on tower 3 is not Edmund.
4. The current lookout on tower 4 is Alfred, while the tanner is not on duty on tower 2.
5. The village shoemaker has been posted to tower 6 for the duration of the emergency.
6. The blacksmith is keeping watch on the tower next clockwise from Arthur; the numbers indicating the towers manned by the former and Joseph differ by four.
7. The swineherd surveys the scene from the tower next clockwise from Wilfred's, which is not itself two along the curtain wall from Edgar's.

Names: Alfred; Arthur; Edgar; Edmund; Hereward; John; Joseph; Wilfred

Descriptions: blacksmith; carpenter; gardener; shepherd; shoemaker; soldier; swineherd; tanner

Please help, I'm really stuck on this problem.


Home » Logic Problem Exchange » Original Logic Problems British Edition Spring2009