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4/12/2012 7:52:06 PM

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is it the bar code? front of the book page? inside? WHERE IS IT i tried everything but can't get to it i want to do this online and try it out its original extreme sudoku spring 2012 but i have no clue what is this access code help

4/12/2012 10:18:11 PM

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Hi Risami,
The access code consists of the numbers given as beginning assistance across the top row of one of the puzzles in your puzzle book.
On Sudoku Solver, after you have registered with your e-mail address and password, and then entered the puzzle magazine's title, the issue date, and the number of the puzzle you are trying to solve, you will be told (near the access code blank) which puzzle (by its number) to turn to in your magazine.
The numbers that are given in the top row of THAT puzzle (as part of the already-entered answers to get someone started solving) will be the access code. This seems a lot more complicated than it needs to be, doesn't it? smile


4/16/2012 2:25:27 PM

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Thank you for answering, Frances. Your explanation is absolutely correct.

Risami - You can also refer to our instructions page with images for future reference on how to find the access code:

Hope this helps make it less complicated!



Home » General Discussion » what is an access code?