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4/16/2012 10:35:49 AM
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In the new Family Variety Puzzles and Games, volume 272, crypto-families 1, page 20, #3 The catagory is "Take Five", the example is "Cease". Take five means to take a break (5 minutes), cease means to STOP. Pretty much all the answers are messed up if you are to follow the catagory. I'd give an example but don't want to give answers to new puzzles. But please, this is not only a stretch, it's wrong. Anybody out there with this puzzle in hand? Let me know if you had a hard time too. The only answer that fits the catagory is the 8th one down. I never have to look up the answers to these but this one I did, twice! CC

4/16/2012 3:46:57 PM

Indiana Puzzler
Indiana Puzzler
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Chz: I don't have this particular puzzle, but I find crypto-families to be maddeningly frustrating until I have solved! A lot of times, I find the theme to be a bit of a stretch. I'll keep solving though.

4/16/2012 7:59:02 PM
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Bernadette1959 wrote:
Hey CC,

I just finished solving this puzzle and I do agree with you that the majority of the answers do not really fit the category.

However, I'd say that in addition to answer #8 in the list fitting the topic, #7 and #10 do also. These three are the only terms that imply one will be returning to the task at some point, which is what you do after you "take five." How about "break"? CC

I guess it must be hard to come up with 10 words that fit the topic exactly but the most obvious word wasn't even included: REST!

LOL smile

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