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6/28/2012 12:47:14 AM

This is from Dell Official Variety Puzzles, circa March 2011.

This is one of those picture puzzles where you try and find a number of wrong things within the frame. In this instance, there were 36 answers, but I contend there are 37!!!

There were such answers as a picture was upside down, a turtle on the floor, a thermometer in place of a pen, a guy with two ties on, etc. BUT!! This is the one I think I got them on. There's a cat with amphibian or reptilian paws. An obvious answer, but what WASN'T an answer was why in the great googily moogily is there a CAT in an OFFICE?!?!? Turtle's an answer but not cat?

Gotcha Dell. 37 correct answers. I stake my shaky and suspect reputation on it!

6/28/2012 1:52:49 AM
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Dark Horse, I'd like to take a trip inside that Alice in Wonderland brain of yours. It would definately be a trip! CC

6/28/2012 2:42:29 AM

Not sure how I feel about that, CC, heheh. Right now, I'm watching a proggie on whether or not the Universe is alive. Want to talk Alice in Wonderland... Physics today is full of it, not that my comprehension is on that level. I'm more of an information gatherer. Trying to grasp around the edges of complex theories and ideas that are beyond my periphery. Trust me... Tenuous fingertip holds at the very best. Still, it's fascinating.

Blame my parents. They near always tuned in to documentaries back when there were 4 channels here, so that line of programming soaked into my very bones.

Wait, what was the question?

You can get anything you want, at Alice's restaurant.

6/28/2012 9:12:21 AM

Amy Lowenstein
Amy Lowenstein
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When I worked in an office (inside an old historic home) that had a mouse or two running around, I brought my cat Sherlock, a good mouser, to the office to do "mouse duty" for one day. Even if he didn't happen to nab the mice, the smell of him would surely drive the mice away. At any rate, that was a legitimate situation of a cat being in an office.


6/29/2012 4:08:57 AM
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Maybe a Cheshire cat? CC

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