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11/2/2008 10:20:45 PM

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I struggled a lot with this puzzle (July 2008, page 76) and relied on the solution a lot more than I usually like to. Even still, there were two places where the logic went right over my head.

Once we determine that Andy's last name is Young, the solution then rules out Janet as his wife (clue 10) and says his wife, therefore, must be Sue. But at that point, I still had Mandy as a possibility for Ms. Young. What did I miss?

Later on, it states that Mr. Reese could not have had rigatoni, and cites clue 2 as the reason. But Clue 2 states "a man" as one of the possibilites for rigatoni. I couldn't figure out why that man couldn't be Mr. Reese. Can you help? As you can guess, the 4-star puzzles tend to be as difficult as I'm willing to attempt.

11/4/2008 9:52:17 AM

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Thanks for your posting. We took another look at this puzzle.

You ask how we can determine that Ms. Young is Sue. At this point in the solution, we have determined that Ms. Young ordered pesto sauce, so she must be one of the four people mentioned in clue 5. Since Mr. Young is Andy, Ms. Young can't be Janet (clue 10), so she must be Sue in clue 4.

Later, the solution determines that Mr. Ullman is the man in clue 2 who sampled rigatoni. Therefore, Mr. Reese couldn't have ordered rigatoni, as he couldn't be placed in clue 2.

I hope this answers your questions. Please let us know if you would like further explanation.

Home » Math and Logic Problem Exchange » "Pasta Tonight" Logic Puzzle