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9/20/2012 12:48:33 AM

I know the M&LP Exchange isn't only about THAT book, but that's the one that arrived in my mailbox today! I posted this on The Forum thread, but wanted to place it here as well, perhaps because I'm a little giddy? Heheh.

Guess what came in the mail today? It's official. I'm a Math and Logic Problems subscriber with my very first issue straight out of my mailbox to my hot, not so little hands. Mark it. The November 2012 is my first. It's got 23 cross sums to add to my 1,200 I got in a bundle, 18 logics, 12 figure logics, 36 word arithmetics I'll probably never do, and wow! 6 jigsaw sudoku which I was just talking about enjoying on another thread!! Awesomeness.

Back when I first joined here, I got a variety pack and lamented that there were so many M&LPs in the bunch. Here I am now as a subscriber. Just goes to show, try new things and new puzzles. Never know what will catch your fancy.

Maybe I'll let PP talk me into giving those 36 word ariths a try.

Also, I forgot to mention the trigons and the sudoku challenger, and that last cross sums is one of those huge ones!! Hog flipping heaven, I tell you, heheh.

9/20/2012 6:54:50 AM
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You'll see me that excited if they ever come out with Word Games Puzzles #21. "IF" they come out with it. CC

9/20/2012 11:13:08 AM

Amy Lowenstein
Amy Lowenstein
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Welcome to logic puzzle subscriptions, Dark Horse. I have had the Dell one for so long that I'll stick to my Dell subscription (recently got my December issue, in fact). Several months ago when there was a deal that I couldn't pass up, to get 28 old logic magazines of different varieties, I noticed that some of the mags I got in that deal, were Penny M&LP ones. I'm tackling the first of those mags now (it's from 2009).


9/20/2012 3:39:36 PM

Purple Pisces
Purple Pisces
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YAY THDO!! smile Yes there is definitely a nice variety of logic type puzzles in the Logic & Math!! As far as the Word Arithmetic, I'm no expert. I haven't solved too many, but it's more than I ever thought I would solve! LOL! But if you ever need any help, I'd be happy to offer my assistance! If you look under "Solving Resources" there's some tips for solving these puzzles.

Home » Math and Logic Problem Exchange » Color me a subscriber!