Sudoku Spectacular Value Pack-3

Sudoku Spectacular Value Pack-3

Sudoku Spectacular Value Pack-3

Save over 50% on Dell’s best Sudoku puzzles, past and present!

Sudoku remains the unparalleled logical deduction puzzle that challenges and entertains solvers worldwide – no math skills needed! You get 3 volumes of Sudoku Spectacular – over 400 pages! – featuring handcrafted puzzles you’ll only find in this unique series. Enjoy solving “original” Sudokus, Extremes, Jigsaw Sudoku, Sum-Doku, and KenKen. Plus, match wits with these cutting-edge variations: Even/Odd, Consecutive Pairs, Tight Fit, Arrow, Thermo, and Isoduku. With easy-to-follow directions and a range of difficulty levels, there’s something to delight every Sudoku fan in these Spectacular volumes!

(Books have been previously offered as single issues and are shipped together in one package. Multiple Sudoku Spectacular Value Pack orders may contain duplicate books.)


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