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Picture Puzzles With-a-Twist Value Pack-4

Picture Puzzles With-a-Twist Value Pack-4

Solvers, Picture This! Over 200 find-the-difference visual puzzles!

Enjoy hours of entertainment with a new twist – hundreds of picture puzzles challenge you to find the differences and match images that are identical! Four unique volumes include The Shadow – one silhouette compared to eight images; Match-Up – nine images look alike but only two are the same; Mirror Mirror – two black-and-white images with 10 differences you identify as you color them; and Color Magic – reveal hidden pictures as you transform black-and-white drawings using the custom coloring guide for each image. Nonstop fun for the whole family!

(Books are shipped together in one package. Multiple Showcase value packs may contain duplicates. To keep prices this low, we cannot create custom packs.)


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