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Crazy for Sudoku Value Pack-9

Crazy for Sudoku Value Pack-9

Every Sudoku solver’s dream – over 5,000 puzzles!

Here’s the Value Pack Sudoku solvers have been waiting for – 5 volumes of Crazy for Sudoku! Maximum Edition with 608 puzzles in each, plus 4 volumes of our popular Family Favorites Sudoku with 516 puzzles in each – more than 5,100 puzzles in all! Enjoy hours and hours of solving fun at several difficulty levels – Easy, Medium, Hard, Challenger, and Super Challenger with 16 x 16 grids. You’ll even get bonus puzzles featuring the special “X” Factor – a twist on this extremely popular puzzle where each of the nine or sixteen boxes in the highlighted diagonals must also contain a unique number. Get free online solving tips at!

Order yours today while they last – this is a limited time offer. (Magazines are back issues shipped together in one package. Multiple Sudoku value pack orders may contain duplicate magazines.)


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