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Approved Fill-In Value Pack-6


Over 600 Crosswords with a delightful twist – we give you all the answers!


Enjoy over 100 favorite Fill-In puzzles in each of the six volumes – fun for the whole family! In this popular puzzle, you enter words from the list provided into a crossword-like diagram, crossing off each word as you use it. Just tap into your deductive powers to correctly place the words in the grid reading across and down. We’ll even start you off with one word already in place. Perfect for beginners and experienced solvers! An entertaining mix of easy, medium, and hard puzzles, as well as 6 Jumbos and several Number Fill-Ins. The volumes are full-sized, easy to read with large type, 128 pages each.

(Magazines are back issues shipped together in one package. Multiple Fill-In value pack orders may contain duplicate magazines.)



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