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Variety Expert Sudoku/Original Expert Sudoku Value Pack-9


Incredible value! Get over 1,200 truly tough Expert Sudoku puzzles at an unbeatable price!


When you’re Sudoku obsessed and ready to take Sudoku solving to a higher level – here’s the collection for you! Enjoy the best of the best with a delightful mix of nine Dell Collector’s volumes – Variety Expert Sudoku and Original Expert Sudoku. Variety Expert Sudoku lets you match wits with some of the most difficult Sudoku puzzles ever created, with hundreds of super-challenging variations of Extreme Sudoku, Jigsaw Sudoku, Sum-Doku, KenKen, Super Challenger Sudokus, and more. Original Expert Sudoku delivers original Sudoku puzzles in standard 9 x 9 grids at the Hard, Expert, and Challenger levels. Meet your match and enjoy a healthy brain workout and hours of solving fun! Order today!

(Books are shipped together in one package. Multiple Sudoku value packs may contain duplicates. To keep prices this low, we cannot create custom packs.)


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