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Vicki G. of Russellville, AL

The lucky winner of the July 2015 Fill-In Contest!

Thank you to everyone who entered!
The winner was selected at random from all the correct entries we received.

The $100.00 prize is in the mail to the winner right now!  

Check here for the answer to the Fill-In puzzle.  

Watch for the October 2015 Contest and YOUR chance to WIN!

The PennyDellPuzzles.com contest is held quarterly on January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1. The winner will receive a $100 cash prize. So, be sure your postal information is clear and correct on your submission form.

In the meantime...

Visit our Puzzler's Corner where you can print and solve our Daily and Sample Puzzles for free!

No purchase was necessary to enter this contest. We are not responsible for entries that were not received.

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