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Will Shortz's WordPlay

Will Shortz's WordPlay

Over 50 all-new, finely crafted variety puzzles!

You get dozens and dozens of clever, innovative variety puzzles in every issue, including variety and cryptic crosswords, word games (with intriguing names like Marching Bands, Rows Garden, and Some Assembly Required), a smattering of familiar puzzles with new names, and many never-before-seen puzzle types! The brainchild of New York Times crossword editor & puzzle master Will Shortz and the editors of Penny Press, each exciting volume features challenging puzzles from North America’s best constructors such as Trip Payne, Patrick Berry and Brendan Emmett Quigley, to name a few! The over 50 stimulating puzzles in each volume provide a great mental workout and ensure your puzzling skills stay sharp! Order today while supplies last – you receive the most recently published volume and once we run out, they’re gone. Full size, 64 pages.

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