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Frequently Asked Questions

I just placed an order for my value pack. When can I expect delivery?

Typically, you should allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery via the U.S. Postal Service. If you do not receive your merchandise within the standard delivery period, please email us with your name, complete mailing address, and the item(s) you purchased, and we will follow up on your order.

Do you ship outside of the United States?

Yes. However, there is an additional mailing charge to ship merchandise outside the U.S. If you choose to order online, the freight cost will be calculated at the time of checkout. If you prefer to mail in your order, please contact Customer Service and we will estimate the shipping cost for you. Please provide us with your name, complete mailing address, and the item(s) you wish to order. You should also allow 10 to 12 weeks for delivery.

Are prices in U.S. dollars or in my country's currency?

All prices shown are in U.S. dollars. Your credit card charge will reflect the cost based on current exchange rates for your location.

I could use more help solving some of your puzzles. Do you have any tips?

Yes, solving tips for some of the more difficult puzzles, including Logic Problems, KenKen®, Cryptic Crosswords, CrossSums, Kakuro, Sum Totals, and Sudoku, as well as some handy solving aids, can be found here.

Some of the magazines in my recent value-pack shipment were duplicates of ones I got last month. How can this happen?

Purchasing the same value pack within a six-month period may result in the receipt of duplicate magazines. Logic Puzzle fans who want to avoid duplicates should allow twelve months between value-pack orders.

I received my Jumbo Value Pack yesterday and it contained puzzle magazines from both Dell Magazines and Penny Press. Can I get these with every order?

All of our larger value packs (24 magazines and over) will contain both Penny Press and Dell Magazines issues. If you prefer to receive Penny Press or Dell Magazines issues only, be sure to select an 8- or 16-magazine pack.

How can I tell when my subscription expires?

The expiration date for your subscription appears on the shipping label, just above your name. You will be notified by mail several months prior to the expiration date, and each of the last few issues may include a renewal offer.

How often do you publish new volumes of Penny Press Selected Puzzles and Dell Collector’s Series books?

We publish Penny Press Selected Puzzles and Dell Collector’s Series three times a year, although due to production limitations we are not able to produce new volumes for every type of puzzle with each printing. Visit Penny Press Selected Puzzles and Dell Collector’s Series to find what volumes are currently available.

Do the different volume numbers appearing on Penny Press Selected Puzzles and Dell Collector’s Series books signify the level of difficulty?

No, the volume numbers are for record keeping purposes only. Each unique volume number contains different puzzles of the same type and challenge level.

My magazine did not arrive this month. How do I get a copy?

Please contact us at Provide your name, mailing address, and the title and issue month of the magazine you are missing, and we will reship a copy to you.

How can I find out about the status of my order?

When you purchase at, you will receive an email confirming your order. Our value packs and books are usually shipped the next business day. For subscription orders, we ask that you allow 6 to 8 weeks for the first issue to arrive. If you have any other questions, please contact us at Be sure to include your full name and complete mailing address along with your inquiry.

What type of payment do you accept online?

We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover credit and debit cards.

Do you offer quantity discounts? Do you have a corporate-sales program?

We offer quantity discounts to qualifying groups or organizations through our Corporate Sales division. For further information please contact us with details about your need, preferably by email to:

Can I use one of your puzzles in my non-profit publication?

Yes, we typically grant this use at no charge. We ask that you respect our copyright by filling out our Education Use Agreement, which is designed for use by schools, religious organizations, and other non-profit groups.

I would like to place an order and have it shipped to a correctional facility. Is this possible?

Yes. When filling out the shipping information, be sure to select Institutional Shipment and include the recipient’s identification or docket number. As some facilities limit the amount of books or magazines that can be received at one time, we recommend checking with the facility first before placing your order.

The magazine to which I subscribed isn’t what I wanted. What is your return policy?

If at any time you’re not completely delighted with the magazines you receive, you may transfer the remainder of your subscription to another title, or cancel your subscription and get a full refund on all unmailed issues. Contact Customer Service at To expedite service, be sure to include the title of the magazine, as well as your name, mailing address, and customer number (located on your mailing label).

The value pack or book I thought I ordered isn’t what was delivered. What is your return policy?

If you are not completely delighted with the books or magazines we send you, simply contact Customer Service at in order to exchange the product or receive a full refund.

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