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Dell Collector’s Series


Choose the puzzles you love!

You’ll truly enjoy Dell Collector’s Series! Each volume is dedicated to a single type of puzzle, so you can select your favorites from among the many volumes available for hours of fun.

Value Packs

Special Offer

Save as much as 46% or more off the regular price! Imagine, books filled with the type of puzzle you love most, offered in value packs of 4 to 12 issues each! These thrifty packs include Anacrostics, Cross Sums, and Tanglewords, to name just a few.

Print 'n Solve

Download your Dell Collector’s puzzle volumes on the spot!

Enjoy having the puzzles you love at your fingertips – ready to print at home instantly! Select your favorite Dell Collector’s puzzle books, and voilà! – PDF downloads are yours immediately after checkout. Print and start solving, or save your puzzles and print them at your leisure. Instant puzzle fun for the whole family!

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