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The National Sensation!

With years of experience creating Sudoku, we’re experts at providing an exciting balance between challenge and great puzzle entertainment. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned solver, we have the perfect subscription for you.

Value Packs

No Math Required!

Save up to 70% or more! Enjoy the quality and entertainment of Dell and Penny Press Sudoku magazines at a fraction of the regular price. Available in an introductory 8-issue pack, as well as in larger sizes of up to 40 issues. The only math you’ll do with these puzzles is add up your savings

Quality and Convenience

Ideal for the Sudoku solver looking for variety and challenge, our books are available in various solving levels. Among the offerings are stimulating Sudoku products from our value-priced jumbo books.

Perfect for Your Puzzler!

Delight your favorite Sudoku solver with our Puzzle Gifts!

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