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Company History

Dell Magazines

In 1921, George T. Delacorte, Jr., founded the Dell Publishing Company with the intent of entertaining readers dissatisfied with the genteel publications of the time. He did launch some daring magazines (such as the humorous Ballyhoo and mystery magazine Inside Detective), and one of his most notable innovations was the puzzle magazine.

Dell Puzzle Magazines began in 1931. The first issue of Dell Pocket Crossword Puzzles was launched in 1941 and has been published without interruption to the current day. Over the years, many new publications have been added to the line, and Dell Magazines now publishes a large array of specialized puzzle magazines and books.

Penny Press

In 1973, William and Penny Kanter purchased a struggling crossword-magazine business and re-launched the company with the new name Penny Press. Penny Kanter’s guiding philosophy centered on the belief that puzzle magazines should be fun to look at as well as to solve, and that solver feedback and suggestions should be taken into consideration and implemented whenever possible. She insisted on providing the highest standards of quality and customer service possible, while keeping the magazines reasonably priced. Her formula for success proved a winning one.

The revamped style Penny imparted to the magazines includes a broad array of puzzles featuring excellent solvability in an easy-to-read format. With an emphasis on wholesome, family entertainment and faithfulness to the founding philosophy, Penny Press has enjoyed continual growth and success.

Who we are today

In 1996, Dell Magazines and Penny Press joined forces to create Penny Publications. Under the leadership of President Peter Kanter, we currently publish over 85 magazines, available on newsstands and via subscription throughout the United States and Canada. Our titles include Crosswords, Fill-Ins®, Logic and Math, Sudoku, Word Seek®, Word Seek and Search, and Variety puzzles. We also publish over 60 different puzzle books, available in bookstores, through the mail, and at These include our Dell Collector’s Series and Penny Press Selected Series (our highly regarded series in which each book contains only one type of popular puzzle), as well as an extensive selection of general puzzle books.

With the growth of the company, our offices have moved twice to accommodate more staff, and we have expanded our warehouse to 50,000 square feet. Wherever we go and however we grow, we’ve never lost sight of the guiding principles established so many years ago by George Delacorte and Penny Kanter. We remain a family business committed to offering the very best puzzles at great prices, to implementing our solvers’ suggestions and requests whenever possible, and to providing top-quality customer service.

If you have any comments or questions regarding Dell Magazines, Penny Press, or this website, please contact us.

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