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Easy-Access Guide to Entering Text in ACROSS LITE


Enter/edit letters in the grid:
In the displayed crossword grid, the cells corresponding to a single clue are always highlighted in either the across or down direction. One of these cells will be highlighted with a different color to indicate where the next typed letter will go. The typed-in letter will always appear in the current highlighted cell regardless of the position of the mouse cursor.

Letters can be erased with either the Backspace or the Delete key or by using the Space bar. The Edit menu operations Cut, Copy, Paste, Erase, Selective Erase and Clear Grid provide more ways to enter/erase letters in the grid. You can undo some of the actions via the Undo command in Edit menu.

Single letters:
You can enter the alphabets A .. Z, Digits 0 .. 9 and the symbols @, #, $, %, &, +, ? using the keyboard. The entered alphabets always appear in upper case. The state of the caps lock key has no effect. It is not necessary to hold the Shift key to enter alphabets. If the current cell is filled, typing another letter will overwrite it.

Multiple letters:
You can enter multiple letters into the same cell up to a maximum of 8. To enter multiple letters in the current cell, click Insert key on your keyboard (or select Insert->Multiple Letters from the Edit Menu). An tiny edit window will appear over the current cell. Just type in the letters that need to go into the current cell. Click Enter/Return key to finish entering the multiple letters for that cell. If you change your mind and want to cancel the multiple letter entering for the current cell, click on Esc key. Any letters typed into the edit window will then be ignored.

You can enter graphical symbols using a symbol palette. To enter a graphical symbol into the current cell, click Shift+Insert keys together (or select Insert->Symbol from the Edit Menu). A symbol palette will appear. Click on a symbol in the palette to select the symbol to enter. You can leave the symbol palette up or close it using the Esc key or the close (X) button on the top right corner.


From: Across Lite Quick Reference guide, Help

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