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The Shadow


Puzzle fun beyond a shadow of a doubt! Over 55 of your favorite Penny Press “The Shadow” puzzles for solvers 8 to 80 in every volume!
Find which of the 8 images match the silhouette on every page! Challenge yourself to spot the differences and discover one perfect match – it’s trickier than it looks!


Only “The Shadow” knows for sure which of the images is responsible for its silhouette! Over 55 visually engaging puzzles in each volume for solvers of all ages! At first glance, the eight images in each Penny Press picture puzzle may look alike, but only one is exactly the same as the silhouette. It’s up to you to find the subtle differences in the others. It will take a careful eye to find the single one that cast The Shadow. The entire family will be entertained for hours!


 Click Here for Sample Page

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