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Print ‘n Solve Books: Sum-Doku


Print at home!
Sudoku + Cross Sums = the perfect puzzle treat for number lovers!

Full-length volumes of over 100 engaging puzzles are ready to print on the spot! Printable puzzles, with answers, in PDF format. At the touch of a finger.


Get your full downloadable volumes of Sum-Doku, print them at home, and start enjoying hours of solving entertainment on the spot – if you dare! Dell Sum-Doku combines the popular solving elements of Sudoku and Kakuro Cross Sums. Each volume contains easy, medium and hard solving levels designed to delight and challenge the mind. Start by entering numbers into the diagram so that every row, column, and small 9-box square within the bigger diagram (there are 9) contains the numbers 1 through 9. Then the real fun begins! Each puzzle also contains areas surrounded by dotted lines, each with a small number in the upper left corner. The digits you enter into each of these areas, called cages, must add up to the number in the corner, and all of the digits in each of these areas must be different from one another. Enjoy more than 100 puzzles in every volume, delivered directly to your computer. Place your order, print your puzzles on the spot, start solving today!

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required for Print ‘n Solve puzzles. Download it here for FREE.

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