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Print ‘n Solve Magazines: Crazy For Sudoku! Maximum Edition


Can’t get enough Sudoku? Treat yourself to hundreds of puzzles – ideal for solvers who enjoy a variety of difficulty levels! Printable puzzles, with answers, in PDF format – ready to print on the spot! At the touch of a finger.


Each jumbo issue is chock-full with over 585 printable Sudoku puzzles! You get an entertaining mix of the puzzles you love – Easy, Medium, Hard, Challenger, and Super Challenger puzzles (featuring 16 x 16 grids). As an added bonus, nearly 200 puzzles feature the special “X” Factor – a twist on this extremely popular puzzle where each of the nine or sixteen boxes in the highlighted diagonals must also contain a unique number. Your full 240-page issue is delivered directly to your computer. Simply place your order, print your puzzles on the spot, and start solving, if you dare – no math skills needed!

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required for Print ‘n Solve puzzles. Download it here for FREE.

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