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Championship Puzzle Pack-40


NOTE: This is a mixed collection of 8 volumes each of Crosswords, Fill-Ins, Word Seek/Search, Sudoku, and Jumble®! Give every solver on your team a chance to score big with their favorite puzzles!


Delight in a mix of thousands of your favorite Penny and Dell puzzles with something for everyone – bring along the whole family! You get 8 Crossword Puzzle magazines, 8 Word Search magazines, 8 Jumble® magazines, 8 Sudoku magazines, and 8 Fill-In magazines for hours and hours of solving entertainment – all at an unbeatable price! And the winner is… you!

(Magazines are shipped together in one package. Multiple value packs may contain duplicates. To keep prices this low, we cannot create custom packs. This product was previously named Buzzer-Beater Championship Puzzle Pack-40.)

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