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Crypto-Puzzles With-a-Twist Showcase Value Pack-4


Use substitution codes to solve over 1,200 puzzles and unlock quotes of humor and inspiration!


Enigma lovers, these puzzles are for you! When you’re crypto-puzzle obsessed and ready for more, take the next step with four clever puzzle books in which a different letter of the alphabet has been substituted for each correct letter! Enjoy hours of solving fun with two chock-full volumes each of Penny Press Cryptograms and Crypto-Families. Challenge yourself to substitute simple codes that reveal the secret message – from original thoughts and humorous remarks to helpful advice and philosophical quotations. As an added bonus, Crypto-Families puzzles engage solvers with themes such as “Bird Talk” (one answer could be “Cardinal Number”), “Epic Heroes” (perhaps Achilles is one), and “Stretch It” (one answer might be “Truth”), to name a few. Enjoy the best of the best – over 1,200 of the stimulating puzzles you love, together in one value pack at over 23% off the regular price.

(Books are shipped together in one package. Multiple Showcase value packs may contain duplicates. To keep prices this low, we cannot create custom packs.)

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