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Jumble® Value Pack-4


Enjoy 4X Fun at a Great Savings!

The top newspaper word game for OVER 60 years!
Jumble®: That Scrambled Word Game
features a whimsical cartoon accompanying each puzzle that hints at the final solution. You arrange the selected letters to reveal each clever witticism!


Classic, cross-generational puzzle fun! Get 4 Jumble® magazines in this quality value pack – over 350 puzzles in all, complete with the vintage character and quips you know and love! Just like those in the newspaper, every puzzle is accompanied by an entertaining cartoon that hints at the solution, which relies on your answers to each of four scrambled, everyday words. You unscramble each word individually, making this the perfect grab-and-go puzzle for solvers on the run!

(Magazines are back issues shipped together in one package. Multiple orders of this value pack may contain duplicate magazines.)

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