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You get 97 puzzles in each issue of Jumble®: That Scrambled Word Game!

The top newspaper word game for OVER 60 years!
Each puzzle features a whimsical cartoon that hints at the final solution. It is up to you to rearrange the selected letters to form each clever witticism!

9 issues per year


Jumble®, That Scrambled Word Game. The top newspaper word game since 1954, Jumble® is now available in a delightfully portable small magazine format you can take anywhere! You get 97 brain-stretching Jumble puzzles to solve, complete with all the vintage quality and quips you know and love! The whimsical cartoon accompanying each puzzle hints at the final solution, which relies on your answers to the puzzle’s 4 scrambled, everyday words. You unscramble each word individually, making this the perfect grab-and-go puzzle for solvers on the run! Classic, cross-generational puzzle fun! Digest size, 112 pages.


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