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Spotlight Remember When Word Seek


Visit yesterday the word seek way!

8 issues per year


Take a trip down memory lane while solving these fun-filled Word Seek puzzles.Remember When” shines a spotlight on popular culture, bringing you back to movies & shows, celebrities & heroes, and fads & trends from the 1920s to the 1990s. If you tuned in to the “Ed Sullivan Show,” got all shook up with Elvis, or still get misty-eyed thinking about that ’62 Impala, or even just wish you had, Spotlight Remember When Word Seek is for you! You’ll enjoy a variety of Penny Press Word Seek puzzles like Missing Lists, One & Only, Missing Vowels, Mystery Person, Number Seeks, Patchwords, Zigzag, Two for One, Boxes, and a bonus Fill-In. Perfect for both new and experienced solvers – a customer favorite! Digest size, 6 issues at 128 pages & 2 issues at 160 pages.

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