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Missing List-Missing Vowels Word Seek Value Pack-4


Get hooked on over 200 Word Seek puzzles with added challenges – if you dare!


Now enjoy two types of Word Seeks with a twist in one chock-full 4-pack! You get 2 volumes each of Missing List Word Seeks and Missing Vowels, with 50 entertaining puzzles in each volume. Missing List Word Seeks challenge you to create your own word list as you look for the words as described in the instructions. Then, voilà – locate the hidden words in the diagram! To start, we’ve filled in one word for you. For Missing Vowels, find the given words in a diagram that is missing the letters A, E, I, O, and U. Then fill in the circles with the missing vowels to complete the words, which will read forward, backward, up, down, and diagonally. Hours of solving fun for the whole family!

(Books are shipped together in one package. Multiple value packs may contain duplicates. To keep prices this low, we cannot create custom packs.)

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