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Three's Company: The Game

Score points by creating unique categories of 3 words each from the words provided in the grid.

You’ll Need:
Writing utensil for each player
A timer

To Play:
1) Print enough game sheets for each player to have games #1-#5 (links to sheets below).
2) Every player uses the same grid for each round.
3) Start the timer.
a. Learning the Game: You’re a Beginner, so take 3 minutes. 
b. Feeling Feisty: Ah, an Intermediate, you get 2 minutes. 
c. Clearly Intellectually Superior: And clearly Advanced, so you get only 1 minute.
    Begin the round!
4) Use the words in the game grid to create up to 10 categories. (The acceptability of a category
    designation will be determined during scoring.) A category is complete when defined by 3
    related words from the grid. Words can be used only once (no repeating in multiple categories).
    Note: Not all the words will be used. 
5) When the timer stops, all players stop writing.
6) To score the game, players, in turn, read their categories and answers aloud. Players mark 
    their own game sheets by circling acceptable categories — those that do not match any  
    other player’s — and by striking through those that do match. Continue reading until all 10 
    categories have been marked. Each circled category is awarded 1 point. 
7) While answers are being read, other players can challenge the validity of a category 
    and/or category entries. The challenged player may defend their position, and every 
    challenged category is voted on by all players (including the challenged player). Players 
    who accept the answer give a thumbs up, while players who reject give a thumbs down. 
    Majority rules. In case of a tie, the challenged player’s vote does not count. 
8) Each player marks their score for that round at the top of that game sheet. 
9) After all 5 games have been played, each player totals their scores from all the game 
    sheets. The player with the most points wins and earns bragging rights!
Instructions Game #1 Game #2 Game #3 Game #4 Game #5

We hope you enjoy the game! Please share your thoughts and pictures with us!
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